A Day That Started with Drawing

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t feel like doing anything.

I wanted to play a game I just bought on my iPad, Bully. I also wanted to read some books  and comics I haven’t finished reading. Or maybe watch TV shows since I just subscribed to Netflix. Then I remembered I had ideas about a story I wanted to write, and I thought I should be writing them. But I didn’t know which one I would actually do so I just sat, not knowing what to do.

Usually on a day off I would draw. I remember dr. Bowo (my “secondary” psychiatrist, as in the one I go to when my primary one isn’t available) told me to make a schedule and just follow it no matter what. I decided that mornings are for drawings, so I forced myself to draw. I was planning to make a watercolor painting because I was bored with monochromatic drawings with graphite.

First I looked at many issues ImagineFX magazines I’ve collected throughout the years, looking for inspiration.


See, even now I’m too lazy to finish this.

Anyway, some drawing ideas:

  • an autopsy scene. it could be a modern autopsy with a sci-fi setting. I need references for this.
  • Clara and the Doctor dressed for the Orient Express
  • portrait of David Tennant as the 10th Doctor, painted with watercolor

Unfinished ideas

  • what of my unwritten story about Lynne Ashe the death investigator?
  • which books should I read??
  • which magazine tutorial should I try out?? maybe I should begin with the oldest issue??
  • when should i draw?? every saturday probably?? other days I do other things besides drawing.

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